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Be a successful Volunteer in our team

At present Autism Networks (A.N) employs no staff members so we are always trying to recruit suitable volunteers to help to support our sessions. We also are trying to develop additional sessions particularly during the day time and over the summer holidays. We are looking for Volunteers who would like to be involved for 1-2 hrs per week and will commit to at least a 2 month period. Over the 2 months you will gain experience of supporting people of all ages affected by autism. You will work in a team and will meet service users who are all  completely different.

Group Session
Group Session

Through experience we have learnt that volunteers are best supported through  group activities and not solo. We have a number of opportunities for all of our sessions and candidates will need to be well organised and self motivated. Candidate do not have to be experienced in the condition as we will provide training.

Our opportunities are as follows:

Monday evenings from 6:30 pm till 9:00 pm is our busiest time in which services users will visit our centre to socialise. There  is no real format to this evening and all as we ask is for volunteers be available to support individuals to take part in any planed activities.

Thursday Evening Karaoke, Arts and Crafts- entertainment is a mixed bag of opportunities. We vary our sessions weekly and a timetable is provided to outline the opportunity for the sessions.

Friday Evening is Disco Night Every week. 6:30 till 9:00 is a small group of individuals who like the music. It is quite different from a disco that we all know and love as we have no dancers. If you also like this type of music please come and join us it is very much a learning curve.

Our Disco area
Our Disco area

Saturday morning sessions 11:00 till 13:00 is an opportunity for families who have school children. Mainly during the week we run sessions that may not be suitable when you are at school. However this does not mean that older people cannot attend we are open to all.

The role of the volunteer  is very informal as we would require volunteers to socialise with parents who visit our centre and also with the young people who join in our activities. During the evening you will observe  and supervise any potential hazards and remove them or report them to our team leaders. Using your initiative, you will ‘float’ around and chat to people in the centre as appropriate.

You can volunteer for any of our activities as  you like . All as we ask is that you inform us when you are available each time and for how long. Any support that you can offer would be appreciated.

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