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 Welcome to Autism Networks.

We welcome you as a  visitors to Autism Networks website for the first time. The site will hopefully keep us in touch with all of our service users and our Facebook page. You can navigate through the site and you will find out more about the Charity along with the activities we offer.

Our Charity operates as a voluntary organisation which has no employees. However we are parents of a person affected by Autistic Spectrum Disorder and we are committed to help and signpost others looking for information. We have 19 year experience of running a voluntary organisation and have received additional training for working with individuals affected by the condition.  Close contacts are maintained with Educational Physiologist, Speech, Language Therapists and other professionals supporting our service users.

Through the pages we provide we hope you will learn more about Autism and the services we provide for those people who live locally.

The Autism Networks Resource Centre provides social evenings where all service users can come in and socialise with others and find out more information about the activities we provide to individuals affected by Autistic Spectrum Disorder(ASD) (Including all family members).

Our Venue

Our Tardis

The Centre has a very large safe area which houses

  • Two sensory rooms
  • Disco / Karaoke area
  • Wii / PlayStation area
  • children’s play activity area with adult size bouncy castle
  • arts / crafts area
  • training room with IT access (open soon)
  • Social lounge with TV / Film.

When visiting or contacting our service you should view both our Opening Times page  and our   Contact Us page . Please remember we are all volunteers and will try very hard to respond within 24 hours. If you phone direct you will be diverted to a trained volunteer who will be happy to help you.


Our core aim is to promote the physical, emotional and social development, communication, self-motivation and independence of people with autism. The secondary objective is to raise awareness of the challenges faced by people with autism and to help educate those who support people with autism, including family members, care staff and other service providers in our local and regional community.

We do hope that you will enjoy our site and will return occasionally to see how we are developing our Resource Centre (pictured above)

If you would like to visit drop us an email, letter or phone us direct and we can arrange a guided tour. Some of our visitors are able to come and join in without any problem but there are some it  may take time to settle. If you feel you are supporting someone who is cautious and may only stay a few minuets we can work with  you and can build up their confidence gradually.

We do not at anytime give respite and we do ask that all service users must be accompanied and supervised at all times by their parent, legal guardian and/or carer as appropriate, when visiting and or using our resource centre or partaking in any activities inside or outside of the resource centre.

We hope to see you again soon……..

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